The Child (hint, it's Baby Yoda)

Greetings fellow internetters.  How about a quick, midweek update.  While the store gets built out and refined I want to make sure we're all well prepared for season 2 of the Mandalorian by discussing some of the cool TV Series collectibles out there.  The Child, a.k.a. Baby Yoda was all the rage this spring.  Correction, the little guy still is all the rage by most accounts.  


Anyway, I'll cut to the chase.  I thought this was pretty cool. (link at the bottom of the page to the original source.)

Jump to the 2020 Topps The Mandalorian: Journey of the Child checklist.

“Baby Yoda” may not have received top billing on The Mandalorian, but the cute creature is getting a set of trading cards to call its own. 2020 Topps The Mandalorian: Journey of The Child is a box set that doesn’t have any major premium spins. Rather, it’s something simple for the retail market.


2020 Topps The Mandalorian: Journey of The Child Overview

Each box has a full base set. Spanning just 25 cards, it’s small. The focus isn’t on the lore and journey of Mando. Rather, it’s a bounty he ends up protecting — The Child. The checklist charts little creature’s adventures and meme-worthy moments from the first season of the Disney Plus program.

The base set does have parallels, which combine to land two per box. These include Green, Red (/99), Blue (/50), Orange (/10) and Steel (1/1). This is the only real chase element of the product.

Rounding out 2020 Topps The Mandalorian: Journey of The Child are five Illustrated inserts that are in every box. These give an artistic spin to the cuteness.


2020 Topps The Mandalorian: Journey of the Child Box

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2020 Topps The Mandalorian: Journey of The Child trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 32
Cards per box: 1
Boxes per case: 40
Set size: 25 cards
Release date: April 8, 2020

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What to expect in a hobby box:

  • 25-Card Base Set
  • Illustrated Cards – 5
  • Parallels – 2

2020 Topps The Mandalorian: Journey of The Child Checklist

Base Set Checklist

25 cards.


  • Green
  • Red – /99 (1:19 boxes)
  • Blue – /50 (1:36 boxes)
  • Purple – /10 (1:179 boxes)
  • Steel – 1/1 (1:1,712 boxes)

1 Enter the Child
2 An Unexpected Bounty
3 Along for the Ride
4 Taking Aim with the Mandalorian
5 Witness to the Mud Horn Fight
6 It’s Not a Toy
7 Imperial Drop-Off
8 Giving in to the Child
9 “Don’t Touch That.”
10 Not Staying Put
11 Breaking up the Fight
12 Into the Village
13 Saying Good-Bye
14 An Unexpected Passenger
15 A New Friendly Face
16 A Temporary Caretaker
17 The Child Revelaed
18 Unwise Taunts
19 “I Told You That Was a Bad Idea”
20 Into the care of Kuiil
21 Meeting the Child
22 Running Towards the Razor Crest
23 Speeder Bike Delight
24 Looking Up
25 Blasting off with the Phoenix

Illustrated Cards Checklist

5 cards.


  • Green
  • Red – /99 (1:91 boxes)
  • Blue – /50 (1:179 boxes)
  • Orange – /10 (1:874 boxes)
  • Steel – 1/1 (1:8,559 boxes)

1 Collar Up!
2 The Child
3 Star Wars and The Child
4 The Force is Strong with this Little One
5 The Illustrated Child

In a shocking turn of events, Disney launched Star Wars: The Mandalorian without a lot of merchandise to go along with it — at least initially. In this age of spoilers, they opted to keep the big reveal a secret — the existence of The Child, a mysterious 50-year-old “baby” that’s the same species as Yoda. As a result, outside of some generic-looking t-shirts, phone cases, and other odds and ends, it’s going to be a few months yet before the crush of Baby Yoda stuff hits the shelves. One place where the big-eyed cutie can be found is in the 2019 Topps Now Mandalorian trading card set.

All eight of the show’s season one episodes got a mini set of five cards that were available for just one week on the Topps website. While Baby Yoda was revealed early on, its “Rookie Card” didn’t arrive until the Chapter 3 batch of cards.

In total, The Child is on eight of the set’s 40 cards.

Here they all are, ranked. There’s no scientific or mathematical formula here beyond much more that “cute.”

2019 Topps Now Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 1 Baby Yoda Cards Ranked

8. #31 Discussing the Situation on Navarro (Chapter 7)

Print Run: 884

It’s nice to see a nice mix of characters including Cara Dune, who is played by former MMA star Gina Carano. But The Child is more part of the background here.



7. #11 Returning the Client (Chapter 3)

Print Run: 1,315

If The Child turns out to be anything like Yoda, much wisdom will it have.

2019 Topps Now The Mandalorian Season 1 11

6. #29 Saved by The Mandalorian (Chapter 6)

Print Run: 998

There’s much power in that hand. This card offers a great close-up look at the tremendous detail the puppet has.

5. #16 Landing on Sorgan (Chapter 4)

Print Run: 1,004

True Detective Season 4? This one’s great purely for the scale and juxtaposition of Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian. There’s an endearing quality to the way the pair are looking at each other, much like a child and parent.

4. #25 The Child Survives the Shootout (Chapter 5)

Print Run: 1,179

If one were ranking things based purely on meme potential, this might top them all.

3. #40 A Clan of Two (Chapter 8)

Print Run: TBA

Those eyes. Sure, The Child has a lot of power and even greater potential. But it’s still a youngling. This card, the final one on the Topps Now Mandalorian Season 1 checklist, shows a vulnerable side.

2. #12 The Child Looks On (Chapter 3)

Print Run: 1,315

This is one of the first close-up looks The Mandalorian gave us of Baby Yoda. Those eyes. The fuzz! The ears!! And, yes, the comparisons to a car sick Gizmo are fair.

1. #20 Leaving the Village (Chapter 4)

Print Run: 1,004

#NewProfilePic. Here’s Baby Yoda in all of its full-body glory. And it’s just the cutest thing.